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Is it a Real Dragon? Fisherman caught a Dragon in Mongolia

A fisherman in Mongolia supposedly caught a dragon, called the police, the dragon was confiscated and took in for testing of authenticity. As far as I know nothing has ever been released on this.

Found this video made by a dragon believer, now I will have to go check out other videos by Beyond Science on YouTube.

What do you think?

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Flying Dragon Lizard – It looks like a Dragon

Here’s another creature that looks like a dragon: The Common Gliding Lizard, aka, the Flying Dragon Lizard.

It seems when scared or provoked this little dragon look a-like can fly, or more accurately, glide through the air from tree to tree to avoid becoming something larger’s prey.

Here’s a short video of it in action:

And a few more pics of this amazing creature, the Flying Dragon Lizard:



Flying Dragon Lizard

Flying Lizard

Ribbed membrane of a flying lizard, Draco volans, Borneo
Ribbed membrane of a flying lizard, Draco volans, Borneo


Red Flying Dragon Lizard



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Dragon T Shirts from SunFrog

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So check them out today!

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Acrylic Large Dragonball Replica Ball with 4 Stars

The Acrylic Large Dragonball Z Replica Ball with 4 stars has an excellent rating at Amazon.  At the time of this posting there are 447 reviews and 84% of those are 5 Stars.

You can order a whole set are each individual one.  This is the most popular ball as it is the four stars.  Size of the ball is 7.6 centimeters in diameter which is roughly 3 inches.

While there is a seem where the acrylic Dragon Ball Z ball was put together you have to really look for it to see it, making this ball seem the real thing.

Another Great Buy!

Take a Gander or read reviews at Amazon.

See it here on our site:  Dragon Ball Z Large Ball  

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Is the Blue Dragon a Real Life Pokemon?

The Glaucus atlanticus, aka Blue Dragon, looks a lot like a real life Pokemon but actually is a sea slug!

And according to Wikipedia these ‘camouflaged on the underside’ little creatures can cause quiet a painful sting if picked up by a human!  Still it didn’t stop photographers snapping pics of people holding these little dragon like creatures!

sea dragon

Here’s an image of it on the sand.  It may have been going to lay eggs on some driftwood.  They also lay eggs on the flesh of sea creatures it eats!


-Check out this YouTube video of it swimming in a little cup to see its true beauty:

I hope they put it back in the ocean!

And here’s a little documentary on our blue dragon sea slug:

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful creature, the Glaucus Atlanicus:

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Mini Sea Dragon Creature found in Califonia

Actually, I can only find two pictures on the internet of this so called sea creature that looks like a dragon.  One is a pinterest image that is a share from the only other picture, which is found on Video Burglar, with the only text being, “This sea creature was found in California.  No one is able to say what it is but it looks like a dragon.  So much is still unknown about the ocean.”

It doesn’t really look edited, but I will let you be the judge of that!


Sea creature, baby dragon, minnow with a deformity?  Who knows!

If you know, or have any comments, please leave them in the comments section!

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Armadillo Girdled Lizard looks like a Dragon

So here is my first post!  I thought it neat to make a category and share real modern day creatures that look like dragons!

The Armadillo Girdled Lizard looks like a Dragon!  He or she is also known as the armadillo lizard or armadillo spiny-tailed lizard and they reside in South Africa according to Wikipedia.

The top photo and this one below were taken by Steve Troter and you can find them here on Flickr:

Armadillo Girdled Lizard (Cordylus cataphractus)


And I am not sure of the photographer of this photo, but it shows how these little lizards bite their tail and then roll into a ball for a defense mechanism!


Watch a BBC video of him curl up and de-curl:

Hope you enjoyed this little fellow!

Any comments or questions, please leave them!


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