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Game of Thrones: Season 5 on DVD

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1 review for Game of Thrones: Season 5 on DVD

  1. This show is awesome. I swear it by the old gods and the new!
    By Amazon Customer TOP 100 REVIEWER on April 28, 2015
    Format: Blu-ray
    Season 5 is very good. There’s a new king (because honestly, what’s a GOT season without a new king waiting to be killed by 6 different armies). The power struggles continue between…..well….everyone. While highly entertaining, the whole season does feel like a transition to set up huge changes for season 6.

    Arya Stark continues her journey to Braavos to meet the faceless man, in what is one of the most interesting story arcs of the series.

    Sansa Stark is FINALLY starting to be an interesting character after laboring through 4 seasons of her expecting everything to just turn out well because she’s rich. She’s finally realized that there is a ‘game’ to game of thrones and that she has to play it. (She stinks at playing the game. But at least she’s playing it.) Her fate is left unclear.

    Oh, and there are finally dragons in this show that is supposed to have a lot of dragons. They don’t show up for more than a few seconds until near the end of the season, but when dragons finally show up to do something they do it with a vengeance! It makes the wait for drag action well worth it! And the White Walkers stop being imaginary boogeymen and show up with authority as well.

    Overall the production value of the series continues to be insanely high. The sets, the costumes, the props….they all create a visual image so real that by the end of each episode you feel like you just spent an hour in Westeros. The acting adds so much more on top of that, without a single bad player in the cast. The CGI is flawless and blends naturally with the live action and live sets. It doesn’t look hokey or “updated Star Wars” at all. It’s solid use of CGI, which is a refreshing change.

    I won’t talk about the details about how this season ended, but to call it a cliff hanger is an understatement. Before the credits roll on the final episode you’re already excited fro season 6 to start.

    Blu Ray is the only way to own this series. Regular DVD just doesn’t present the detail that makes this show so phenomenal.

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